Here is the Catalog of Accounting Services offered:



We accentuate the information in the company’s books on a regular basis, using specialized software which allows us to reduce human error.



We calculate and / or audit the following taxes:

  • Value Added Tax -VAT-
  • Income Tax -ISR-
  • Solidarity Tax -ISO-
  • Vehicle Circulation Tax -ISCV-
  • Single Property Tax -IUSI-



We electronically submit the following reports required by the Regulatory Authorities in Labor Matters

  • Guatemalan Social Security Institute -IGSS-
  • Institute for Workers’ Recreation -IRTRA-
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare -MINTRABAJO-



We support the administrative management of companies in the following areas:

  • Billing
  • Collections Coordination
  • Payments to all suppliers
  • Payments to all collaborators

Why choosing us?

With more than 20 years of experience, we serve family businesses, financial entities, industries, multinationals as well as civil associations.

We establish digital communication channels so the information flows and is punctual.

Trained and experienced in each of the areas that the firm serves. With master’s studies and in permanent professional updating.

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