In Colon Consultores we seek to create a positive customer experience that can address all your tax and accounting needs, reason why we have joined  DBi – Doing Business International, it is an international association of auditing, accounting and legal services.


As an independent company associated with DBi, Colon Consultores can connect you with highly trained and dedicated tax professionals around the world, so you can benefit from:


  • Local experts with international reach
  • Specialized personnel specialized in your industry
  • Access the most up-to-date technical information
  • Provide our clients with key business contacts around the world
  • An international network of professional services companies ready to help you wherever you go.


DBi provides us all the tools that we need to give a better service to our customers with greater flexibility, efficiency, and profitability.


DBi is an association of professional firms based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As an independent member DBi serves multinational clients through a global network with

presence in 95 regions and 75 cities. Link